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Akhri qoraal dheer oo reer Awdal u gudbiyeen reer Yurub oo si tafaftiran uga hadlaya tacadiyadihii SNM gaysatay iyo kacdoonada xidideystay

Kadib banaanbixii reer Adal ka hor sameeyeen xarunta reer Yurub looga taliyo ee Brussels ayaa kadib waxa loo gudbiyay madaxda reer Yurub warbixin baahsan oo ka hadlaya waxa dhabta ah ee ka jira gobolada Awdal, SAlal iyo Gabiley.

Petition Letter Addressed to The European Com

February 2015 @ 3pm.

From: Abdi Hamud Alel, Awdal State of Somalia; APLF-Secretary of Foreign Affairs Aid and International Cooperation,.abman1973@gmail.com

To: FRUTUOSO DE MELO Fernando, Director-General Rue de la Loi 41/Wetstraat 41, 1040 Bruxelles/Brussel, Belgique Cc: DOENS Koen, Director Rue de la Loi 41/Wetstraat 41, 1040 Bruxelles/Brussel, Belguim Cc: CHUCHEV A., International Aid / Cooperation Officer – Somalia Rue de la Loi 41/Wetstraat 41, 1040 Bruxelles/Brussel, Belguim

Cc: EU Delegation to Somalia, EU Delegation to Somalia, P.O. Box 30475

Dear Sir / Madam,

After the civil wars devastated Somalia bloodshed spread and many civilians fled from the country to the neighbour countries and to the outside world. SNM warlords accompanied Mingistu Haile Mariam’s communist troops together started to invade Awdal province by force. After long and hard resistance, then the 4rth February 1991 SNM militias and communist troops attacked from all the borders, broke the shield of the resistance and marched to the centre of the capital city Borama.

During the invasion, they deliberately committed revenge and genocide were they have killed 400 people in 16 hours among those killed were women, children and hostages who could not fled from the gunfire including the Mayor of the city with his wife and all his children were executed and burned alive. All those being accused to have worked with the former president Siyad Barre were tortured and executed in public including civil servants.

Due to that suffering then 4rth of February is mourned every year and its remembrance day Remembrance Day, or Gawrac Day, is observed as Adalese’s day of commemoration for the approximately 5000 people the Gawrac as a result of the actions carried out by Mingistu communist army and its accessories, and for the Adalese resistance in that period. In Awdal, it is a national memorial day.

It was inaugurated in 1991, anchored by an agreement signed by the traditional leaders. It is held on the 4rth of February, unless the 4rth would be adjacent to Pilgrimage, in which case the date is shifted by a day.

1988 until 1993 the resistance struggled hard for survival and fought bravely to defend their land, the enemy attacked from border with Djibouti (Issa clan), the border with Ethiopia (communist army) and the border with SNM rebels (Isaq)clan.

In 1993 all the resistance were outnumbered as they could not fight with three enemies at once. Then the clan leaders and the politicians at that particular times decided to call for a peace with the Isaq clan who were also desperate for peace and stability, due to the civil wars erupted between their sub-clans.


In 1993 Borama census is being held in the city of Borama. In this conference it has been succeeded to engage all the confronting parties including warlords, traditional leaders, youths, women and high calibre politicians escaped from Mogadishu.

The conference has continued for several consecutive months. After a long debate and arguments between the participants of the conference, then it has been agreed to cease fire and to build a transitional government led by the most credential politician, the former prime minster of Somalia Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Igal, who strongly believed in peace, who also has had the knowledge, talent and experience of building a nation from the ground.

During the conference its being agreed to disarm warlords and to stop personal revenges motivated by old grudges. One of the major and biggest achievement in Borama census was to disarm SNM militias and remove warlords from powers as well as to destroy the tribalism propagandas planted by Mingistu. Since that conference up to now, Borama became to familiar with the term “the city of peace”.

On the contrary, SNM warlords did not satisfy with the outcome of the conference, then they started to propagate against Igal’s reform regime and launched another war in the East and in the capital city Hargaisa, but with god’s thanks these wars did not last long.

SNM were badly defeated and it became an era of all against one, these event became familiar with the term “Mayaalool”. SNM leaders i.e. Former president Abdirahman Tuur fled to Mogadishu and the current president Silanyo arrived at London.

But it seemed that those surrendered and remained in Somaliland kept the grudge in their hearts including Kulmiye’s political party leader Mussa Bihi, former vice president AbdiRahman Aw Ali, Hassan Issa, Dhegaweyne, these group they were familiar with the term Calan-Cas which is Red flag communist group.

During the ruling of Egal a peace and prosperity spread across the country, he started to dissolve and disintegrate all powers of SNM for sustaining the peace and harmony in the region and he introduced multiparty system to democratize the country, he also promoted and nominated Dahir Riyale Kahin a former military intelligence trained by German secret service to a vice president in exchange of his former vice president Abdirahman aw Ali who is being accused of having coalition with the SNM militias.


Egal did not live out his term of office, he died on 3 May 2002 while undergoing surgery in South Africa. Many observers, Somali and foreign alike, doubted that Somaliland could survive his death, and watched the transition for signs of disintegration. The greatest fear was that violence would undo the progress that had been made since the start of the democratisation process.

The sum of all fear was SNM led by Silanyo to grip the power again, because it was for sure that SNM will revive an era of revenge and violence due to the aggressive mentality implanted in their brains during the cold war.

UDUB’s triumph and electing Dahir Riyale Khain came as no surprise. Mr Riyale continued to complete the prescheduled democratization plans including rebuilding government institutions, restoring peace and reconciliation in some provinces as well as building bilateral relations with neighbouring countries, above that president Riyale setup an inclusive policies towards the citizens i.e. fairly distributing of government seats between the clans. During these times, Riyale held two consecutive fair anddemocratic elections both against the former leader of SNM Silanyo and he discredited his opponent on both rounds.

Between 2007-2010, Mr Silanyo started to launch a huge destructive and dangerous propagandas and campaigned with the tribal flag within the diasporas and within the country itself. He also regrouped the SNM political leaders around the world and finally he used tribal and cowardly accusations against his opponent to gain votes as well as murders and double jeopardy to weaken the position of Riyale in the west provinces.

In 2010, Mr Silanyo won the election by using an international electoral company who were recently being proved and convicted in London of involving election frauds in several countries in Africa. After regaining powers, Silanyo regime imposed direct and urgent policies of reengaging SNM militias to power and the term AlMujahidin became a common term used in public (Almujahidin= SNM militias).

They started to deprive all civil servants from other clans and launched illegal arrests using anti-terrorist teams (RRU) funded by the British government and the European commission. The world


bank business funds were misused for personal gains and the European development funds is being spend on importing illegal weapons from Egypt, Sudan and Libya. Since Silanyo came into power all civil liberties were deliberately destroyed including sanctions against press, freedom of speeches have been criminalised and heavy tax burdens were allocated on the merchants from Awdal, above that more than 1000 youths were arrested without trials, particularly targeting those from Awdal.

Due to that oppression, in 2011, Awdal diasporas started to mobilize highly educated immigrants residing in EU, NA and ME and together announced declaration of free independent states and developed strategies or policy frameworks to be included in the Somali Federal System.

Immediately, after the up-rise, Silanyo started to use bribery and brutal violence against Gadabuursi clans, his government administrations started to impose financial and political sanctions against the Gadabuursi customs and dominated all sources of inland taxes incomes.

In November 2011, Gadabuursi diasporas elected the first president in London and contributed huge funds to support the victims of Silanyo’s oppressions. Unfortunately, Silanyo’s Administration manoeuvred a tactical strategy or plot of bribing the elected president Rashid Aw Nuur, at last they have succeeded to convince him with false promises and he accepted to change and ceased his challenges against SNM, finally

President Rashid arrived at Hargaisa backstabbing his political companions. Few days later he realized that SNM used him against his people and he feared for his life to be arrested or killed by the SNM, then he fled back to Canada with broken heart and it was too late to restore hope of his people, because Gadabuursi diasporas started to be breaking down into sub-clans.

On the 23rd of November 2013, then anew president AbdiSamad Nageye has also being elected by the diasporas for one year of a transitional period in London and for the purpose of reviving unity, enhancing motivational parameters and awakening the moral conscious of the Adalese people, but unfortunately it became hard to rejoin crushed bones.


The year flew and passed fast and the hope of restoring unity diminished, while Silanyo and Biixi continued pressurizing more and more, because it was a chance to bandage old grudges, score goals and to fulfil their swore for revenge after Borama census 1993.

After the transitional year of president Nageye and Awdal diasporas broken down into fractions and their policies being disconnected and paralysed the diasporas’ contribution towards the good causes. Then others in Canada and US paralleled and called themselves presidents and disapproved Mr Nageye’s presidency, then it became

imminent and paramount importance to dissolve and freeze all diasporas’ governments. In December 2014, immediately after the Awdal Diasporas’ self appointed and transitional governments have all been dissolved. Suddenly a new bright sun has risen for these innocence victims of the brutal dictatorship regime led by Silanyo.

One of the major Suldans of Gadabuursi clan, Suldan Abubakar Elmi Wabar a close relative of the former president of Somaliland Dahir Riyale Kahin has escaped to the mountain and loudly announced a free and independent state of Awdal, he also declared a war against Silanyo & Bihi’s warlords. Few days later, approximately 400 youths, other Suldans, politicians and x-military personnel have all joined the freedom fighters.

At last the Gadabursi is being completely restored all have agreed to form political offices around the world and in the country and to hold an urgent, fair, inclusive and democratic election in mid-June 2015 on the mountain of Gogti “the current base of the Suldan and the rebel ”.

As habitually adopted by SNM warlords, they started conspiring the Suldan and sent delegates to Ethiopia while asked to help arresting the fugitive Suldan by accusing him of being a risk or threat to the security and stability of the region.

But the Ethiopian intelligence and politicians has been aware and observing the dramatic incidents and injustices occurred since SNM warlords came into the power. Also Ethiopian traditional leaders are proud to keep the historical and cultural ties between them and the Suldan’s tribe, were majority of his sub-clan natively are inhabiting in Ethiopia.

Finally, Ethiopians rejected the request of the SNM warlords in a reasonable judgement and clearly confirmed that Ethiopian government never take aside of the tribal conflicts  between the Somali tribes either in the North or in the South.

Its also been reaffirmed that this war is between two clans, at last but not the least, the honourable Ethiopian government stated that they are ready to mediate these conflicts if SNM warlords is willing to cooperate further.


Above that Ethiopian government have been aware of the hidden and dangerous policy relations between Silanyo’s regime and the leaders in North i.e. Ethiopian river Nile rivals, also Ethiopian government suspected with evidence that some of the current Somaliland government ministers are directly linked with terrorist organisation and to fanatic groups including the minister of finance and the minister of presidential office.

In 2015 the Ethiopian secret services arrested four terrorist suspects all natively born in Hargaisa as well as governor of Aw-Barre from Isaq clan and deputy mayor of Aw-Barre from Issa clan were all were prosecuted for bribery and espionage activities, all have been found guilty and imprisoned for 13 years each some for life imprisonment .

Since SNM militias invaded Awdal, December 2014, the situation of the residents worsened and its emerging condition that acquires direct political, security and humanitarian support, excessive tax burdens continues, commercial sanctions boomed and the occupation of militia personnel in the major cities of the province is gradually increasing. Now the citizens in Awdal are suffering fear, torture traumas, nutritional

deficiencies and brutal injuries committing by SNM militias. Our application for humanitarian intervention as well as political and security coordination complies with the UN-security council “Unanimously adopted resolution 2102 (2013), the Council decided that the mandate of UNSOM — which it intended to renew as appropriate — would include the provision of policy advice to the Federal

Government and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on peace-building and state-building in the areas of: governance, security sector reform and rule of law (including the disengagement of combatants), development of a federal system (including preparations for elections in 2016), and coordination of international donor support. Among its other mandated functions, UNSOM would help build the


Federal Government’s capacity to promote respect for human rights and women’s empowerment, promote child protection, prevent conflict-related sexual and genderbased violence, and strengthen justice institutions. Further, it has been agreed to monitor, help investigate and report to the Council on any abuses or violations of human rights or of international humanitarian law committed in Somalia, or any abuses committed against children or women”.

Following to that, the New Deal – The Somali Compact, endorsed by Somali government and international partners at the Brussels Conference in September 2013, is the overarching platform to address Somalia’s peace- and state-building priorities between 2014 and 2016. UNSOM is also supporting the FGS towards the establishment of regional administrations in other parts of the country. Somaliland

warlords continues to reject the federation. It also continues to reject UNSOM on the grounds that the Mission’s mandate to promote a federal system in Somalia. We want UNSOM to monitor and report obligations within the country, with special focus on the abuses and violations resulting from the on-going military onslaught.

Due to that enquiries we also want to collaborate with OHCHA, UNHCR, national and international partners on information gathering and sharing, such as reports of cases of human rights violations, particularly rape and other forms of sexual and moral harassments in Borama.

Above all – there is a need to streamline and integrate the country’s many security forces into its federal institutions. The Federal Government of Somalia defines the independent militia groups in Somalia as ‘regional security forces’ and is undertaking a political outreach process – particularly through Members of Parliament – to determine the appropriate roles of local, regional and federal authorities.

We know UNSOM supports engagement and persuading these regional security forces to align with, and integrate into, FGS security institutions. Collective security efforts can be used, to safe lives among other things, to support the political process and engage militia groups with the Federal Government’s security institutions.

Therefore, its our greatest concern and demand to employ UN security forces before a river of bloods being spilled and In accordance with the Security Council resolution 2102 (2013) on Somalia and Security Council resolutions 1612 (2005), 1882 (2009), 1998 (2011) and 2068 (2012) on children and armed conflict, child protection experts will /should promote child protection and monitor and report on the grave violations against children in Awdal.

The sum of all international resolutions and references mentioned above i.e. protecting human rights, democratisation processes, engaging civil societies, expanding regional administration and promoting the rule of law, etc Then we strongly recommend an immediate international intervention and we desperately call for help to the major donors and humanitarian organisations including AMISOM, UNSOM, IGAD, TFG, EUcommission, above that its everyone’s concern to protect the live of civilians and civil liberty of the people in Awdal. Above all we request immediate intervention of EU and UN human right monitoring groups on Awdal.

Finally its our great concern and responsibilities to rescue civilian before bloodshed spread in the Northern Region of Somalia as its said “prevention is better than the cure” those civilians which are about to be severely effected by civil wars that is due to erupt in the British Somaliland protectorate. Note “ the two militias are standing face to face in Qulujeed city and both declared war against each other”

Thanks for your kind consideration, for further communications, representation and evidential requirements as well as humanitarian coordination units , please do not hesitate to send or address your questions to the representative of foreign policy and secretary of aid and international coordination to APLF ( Awdal People Liberation

Front), Dr Abdirahman Hamud Alel Email: abman1973@gmail.com

Sincerely Yours

A.H.Alel, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Aid and International Coordination.


December 5, 2014


We, the members of Awdal State in North America, Europe, Mideast and Africa hereby, express our strongest support for Sultan abibakar Elmi wabar, who declared his support for an autonomous Awdal State, free of the grip of the failed secessionist regime in Somaliland.

The Sultan has made his case in lengthy press conference in which he eloquently presented the historical grievances of the people of Awdal State against successive regimes of Somaliland. The people of Awdal have invested much of their political goodwill and intellectual resources to pacify the people of Northern Somalia after the fall of the Central Government of Somalia.

Today, the people of Awdal have found themselves in a very precarious position, where they have become economically and politically marginalized in their own region and cities. We commend the Young Sultan for his courage and his timely response to the plight of the people of Awdal State.

We urge the other Sultans and community leaders in Awdal to follow suit of Sultan Wabar’s actions and support an Autonomous Awdal State.

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed and helpless against the widespread injustices and economic deprivation existing in our homeland, but we are confident that our people’s historical leadership acumen will play a catalist for the advent of a modern, progressive and JUST future Awdal State.

We urge the people of Awdal State to stay united and stay vigilant against the destructive ploys of the secessionist regime in Hargeisa. The future political emancipation of the people of Awdal requires the cooperation and collaboration among communities and individuals. An unequivocal support for our progressive Sultans is paramount for restoring our dignity and our community’s place in history.

We are confident that the people of Awdal State and across the world will whole kindheartedly support the efforts of Sultan Wabar and others who chose to speak truth to power without fear or favoritism.

Meanwhile, Awdal State’s diasporas in partnership with international community and collaboration with humanitarian aiders together will support the courageous Adaleses defending our territory from recent-current SNM militias’ occupation on the motherland and we will honor those standing at the front roof the war while scarifying their lives for free Awdal.


Above all we will alarm the international community attention that SNM militias are breaking major international energy and mining regulations by illegally digging uranium and plutonium on Simodi-Golis mountains and exporting it without holding a prior license nor obtaining a permit from IAEA.

This above declaration was unanimously voted on by all members of Awdal State North America, Europe, Mideast and Africa on December 5, 2014 at 8:00 PM. We will release additional statements in the coming few weeks in support of Sultan Wabars efforts and the Principles of Solidarity, unity and establishment of Awdal State as a Regional Federal administration.

Sincerely Yours

A.H.Alel, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Aid and International Coordination.



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