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Islamic banking in Ethiopia offers Muslims financial inclusion

It’s afternoon in Addis Ababa’s bustling Bole Michael district, and businesswoman Hukun Aden Mohammed is doing a brisk trade.
The 45-year-old, single mother of seven opened her modest cosmetics and snack shop in the heavily ethnic Somali neighbourhood two years ago.

Business is so good, she’s planning to grow and diversify. “I plan to expand my business by opening up a shoe
store,” Mohammed told Al Jazeera. “Inshallah (God willing) I also plan to open businesses in my home city, Jijiga in Somali regional state and across other parts of Ethiopia.”
Ten years ago, Mohammad, an observant Muslim, would have struggled to find funding that aligned with her religious beliefs.
But Ethiopia‘s measured embrace of Islamic banking is offering her and other entrepreneurial-minded Muslims a gateway to financial inclusion. She started her business with a loan from the Somali Microfinance Institution (SMFI), Ethiopia’s first provider of sharia-compliant
microfinance services. “I first received around 7,000 Ethiopian bir ($246) loan from SMFI and with my business successfully expanding, I
have recently received a loan of around 75,000 Ethiopian Birr ($2,645),” said Mohammed.
Unlike conventional finance, sharia-compliant financial institutions do not charge interest on loans. Instead, they
share in any potential profits or losses of the businesses they underwrite. They also refrain from lending to businesses that engage in or promote activities prohibited under Islamic law, such as gambling, or selling pork or alcohol, or selling services that promote
The vast majority of SMFI’s loans are structured as resale agreements known as Murabaha, where the bank purchases goods for its client and then sells the goods back to them at a slightly higher price than the original cost. The customer can then repay the loan in instalments.
For Mohammad, Islamic banking services have transformed her financial life. “The loans from Somali Microfinance Institution
have already allowed me to support the needs of my children, pay for my accommodation and business rent,” she said. “With future loans from SMFI, I plan to buy house or land to expand my business and build a stable home for me and my family.”
Boosting financial inclusion While financial inclusion has improved in Ethiopia, it still lags behind the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.
The percentage of adults in Ethiopia with a bank account increased from 22 percent in 2014, to 35 percent in 2017, according to the World Bank Global Findex database.
In Kenya, by contrast, 82 percent of adults had a bank account in 2017.
Part of that gap can be attributed to mobile money uptake, which is far greater in Kenya than Ethiopia.
While the drivers of that difference are not fully understood,
Islamic banking is helping to boost financial inclusion in Ethiopia by
reaching communities which formerly felt excluded from the country’s
banking sector.
Though roughly a third of Ethiopia’s estimated 105
million citizens are believed to be Muslim, formal directives on
Islamic law-compliant finance were only issued by the National Bank of
Ethiopia (NBE) in 2011 – the same year SMFI opened its doors.
SMFI has since served around 30,000 customers,
mostly in rural communities in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region. Islamic
law-compliant microfinance institutions have also sprung up in
Ethiopia’s Afar region.

Inching towards a fully-fledged Islamic bank
SMFI hopes to evolve from a microfinance
institution into a fully-fledged Islamic bank – a hurdle no Ethiopian
financial institution has cleared yet.
“Regardless of whether we become a fully-fledged
sharia-compliant bank in the future, we plan to expand our services to
other parts of Ethiopia serving interested customers, Muslims and
non-Muslims alike,” Ubah Hassan, senior saving and credit officer at SMI, told Al Jazeera.

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